Trafficking for sexual exploitation of children is a major and growing crime throughout the world. Online platforms and communication tools provide new ways of trafficking. We must act now to close the legal loopholes and protect children!

Children are being trafficked and abused live by perpetrators on screen and the abuse can be streamed by thousands of perpetrators behind the screen. Often the abuse is also filmed and viewed again and again by even more offenders. In most cases it is also online platforms and communication tools that are used to groom children and facilitate a physical meeting between the child and the perpetrator leading to in-person exploitation and violence. This is making the online sphere an arena where perpetrators can reach and exploit children with very limited consequences. Children’s rights are violated through the loopholes in the law – making them slip through the safety net that are supposed to stop the abuser and create a safe environment for the child.

Child trafficking and sexual abuse of children is not a far away problem – it is happening all around us, everywhere children are using the internet. 1 in 5 children in the EU are victims of child sexual abuse, and every second, at least 2 images of child sexual abuse material are uploaded to the internet.

With Augmented Reality this campaign illustrates through our devices how a meeting between a child victim and a perpetrator can take place – right in front of you.

This campaign is produced by Beyond Survivors in cooperation with Brave Movement, DVA, PodSthlm and Gullers Group.

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