from surviving to thriving
– building a life beyond survival

We are

Beyond Survivors

Beyond Survivors is a cluster of survivor-led organisations, initiated, supported and coordinated by ChildX. The survivor led organisations in the cluster currently consists of Footprint to Freedom (Netherlands, Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya), Ge-STAC (Germany) and Not Your Whore (Sweden).

Our mission is to support survivors and ensure that our voices are included in all efforts to address human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation – and that this is done in a structured and responsible way. 

Our Projects

Training from Survivors to Survivors

The Beyond Survivors training focuses on what it means to work as a survivor to end trafficking and sexual exploitation. This is a training that we wish that we had before entering into this field of work ourselves. On how to go from surviving to thriving. 

We hope that the course will inspire survivors to engage in the anti-trafficking field, as well as help prepare them for the challenges that this work can entail by presenting the risks – and how to mitigate them. We want to empower other survivors and advocate for improved EU legislation and beyond to protect children from trafficking and child sexual exploitation.

As survivors we are particularly mindful of being trauma informed and support self care. With this in mind please carefully review the introduction of the training course and take as much time as you need. If you have any feedback on the training, please contact the representatives of Beyond Survivors. The training is developed with the support of the Oak Foundation, Sophie Stenbeck Family Foundation and Sana Labs.


To take the course you need to first create an account on Sanalabs, following the link above. It is quick and free of charge.

About beyond survivors

We have established Beyond Survivors to strengthen survivor input in the field of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of children. Survivor-led and run organizations have the added benefit of also representing those survivors who do not wish, or are unable to take a leadership role. We want to provide survivor input in a more structured and responsible way both towards policy makers, but also for survivors who often stand alone without the benefits of support that others in the field have as employees of governments or organizations. Our cluster furthermore supports survivors and survivor organizations to engage in anti-trafficking work and we work with all stakeholders in all sectors on how to improve survivor inclusion.


Malaika Oringo

Expert, survivor leader, and founder of Footprint to Freedom.

Sandra Norak

Jurist, survivor leader and founder of Ge-STAC (Germany).

Saga Brodersen

Expert, survivor leader and president of the board of Not Your Whore (Sweden).

Elise Thoen

Coordinator of Beyond Survivors and Director of Policy and Programs at ChildX.