The Child10 Awardees fight tirelessly to protect the most vulnerable children, victims of trafficking and exploitation, but they often face strategic challenges preventing them from having an even greater impact and reach long-term sustainability. The Child10 team supports the organizations to identify key strategic challenges that hinders them from developing their organization and scaling their support to children.

We are looking for leaders, business professionals, entrepreneurs or experts from different sectors that can be matched with the organizations to share their expertise and advice in relation to the identified challenges. As a mentor or partner you will have the possibility to dive deep into a strategic problem with support of the Child10 team. The strength of this model is that it allows the selected organization to learn from the expertise of professionals from a wide range of sectors, places and circumstances. Child10 strongly believes that in such unexpected meetings new solutions can emerge.

We are now looking for mentors and partners with different areas of expertise to support the organizations we work with. Right now we are mainly searching for mentors including, but not limited to:

  • Communication
  • Advocacy
  • Fundraising
  • Organizational development and management
  • Organizational resilience

If you are interested in sharing your expertise and be a part of a global network that are working together to eradicate child trafficking, reach out to our program manager Elise Thoen on