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For ten years, Storasyster have worked to develop strong and holistic support for victims of sexual violence. The organisation offers support in the form of chat services, legal advice and counselling to victims of sexual violence. Storasyster raises awareness and knowledge through lectures, research and training, and provides a vital platform for women and girls to share their stories, which in turn, puts sexual violence on the political agenda to influence systemic change.

Protect Children


Protect Children takes a holistic approach to prevention and protection of children from sexual harassment, grooming, and sexual violence. Their research and educational programs are targeted at victims and at-risk children, their families and caregivers as well as perpetrators. Through this work, Protect Children brings a much-needed offender-focus to the conversation about commercial sexual exploitation and sexual abuse of children which is instrumental to addressing demand. Their ReDirection research provides critical insights into perpetrators, having received over 15000+ responses from perpetrators on the dark web, and will be extremely beneficial in designing more effective prevention programs.

Netzwerk gegen Menschenhandel


Netzwerk gegen Menschenhandel (Network against Human Trafficking) is dedicated to preventing human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Through their workshops, training and educational material, the organization aims to help prevent exploitation and cyber-grooming as well as to equip professionals with tools to recognize and report trafficking. Their program in schools, which is developed with input from various actors including survivors, teachers and even perpetrators, takes an exceptional multifaceted approach to prevention and is aimed at changing perceptions and attitudes. The organization is also conducting exploratory research among incarcerated traffickers to determine the feasibility of prevention among individuals at risk of becoming traffickers.

Agir Contre la Prostitution des Enfants (ACPE)


Since 1986, Agir Contre la Prostitution des Enfants (ACPE), has been fighting against sexual exploitation of children and with France’s imminent strides in the Sex Purchase Act for adults, ACPE is striving to ensure that children are not left behind! Their mission is to alert and inform institutions, educate the public about commercial sexual exploitation of children, participate in trials against perpetrators, and to support the affected young people, families and professionals. During the last 35 years, their resolute efforts, both in terms of advocacy as well as strategic litigation, have shaped the political agenda in France and have ensured that child victims of commercial sexual exploitation are recognized and receive the necessary support.

Child Focus


Child Focus is the Belgian Foundation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children. For more than 20 years, Child Focus has remained dedicated to its mission of helping missing and exploited children through their support helplines, prevention programs as well as advocacy and lobbying. Since its inception, the organization has been one of the strongest, loudest, and most credible voices for missing and exploited children. Their strong commitment to be at the forefront, supporting victims and applying a holistic child rights-based approach to their programming is truly inspiring.



APRAMP has an exceptional rights-based approach and a deep commitment to protecting women and girls from trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. For over 35 years, they have been offering holistic interventions tailored to the specific needs and situation of every individual. Their strong survivor inclusion and gender sensitive approach to programming is inspiring and a valuable best practice in the field.

Center for Missing and Exploited Children


The Croatian Centre for Missing and Exploited Children is a leading organization in the region and has been working for more than fifteen years in the field of protection of children from abuse and sexual exploitation on the internet despite a challenging contex. In cooperation with the community, experts and competent institutions, they work on abuse prevention and provide direct support to victims and their families. Today, as an experienced actor in the field, their collaborative approach and dedication to strengthening the field at a regional level continues to benefit children throughout the Balkans.

Gender Alternatives Foundation


Gender Alternatives Foundation is a non-governmental organisation working in the area of gender-based violence, specifically, domestic and sexual violence and trafficking in human beings. It was the pioneer in lobbying for domestic violence legislation in Bulgaria. Over the years, through their strong legal expertise in gender-based violence issues and strategic litigation at local, regional and European levels, they have strengthened the protection systems for victims of gender-based violence and sexual exploitation in the region.

ATINA (Association of Citizens to Combat Human Trafficking and All Forms of Gender-Based Violence)


ATINA’s work is guided by the needs of women and girl survivors of human trafficking, exploitation and gender-based violence. The organization has a holistic approach including impact-driven advocacy, direct services, and prevention programs. With a clear focus on the gender dimension of trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation, ATINA pays special attention to migrant and Roma women and girls as a high risk group. Their expertise in the field and their commitment to the cause has made them one of the most important voices for systemic change to end trafficking and exploitation of women and girls in Serbia.

Society Ključ


Society Ključ is the only specialized NGO in Slovenia working in the field of combating trafficking in human beings. The organization successfully combines support services and preventative action for victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Their creation of a holistic model combining helpline, reintegration support and preventative work clearly shows an exceptional commitment to protecting children. They have a strong gender sensitive approach and challenge stereotypes against women and girls through their prevention programs.