The ChildX Award 2024 theme is released

The unidentified child victims – removing the barriers

The crime of human trafficking is constantly transforming and evolving. The general frameworks used for identifying victims have not evolved at the same pace, and struggles to stay relevant. Outdated and inefficient indicators, lack of cross-border harmonization and solutions to identify victims online all contribute to the staggering number of unidentified child victims.

Less than 1 in 500 victims of trafficking in human beings globally are ever identified. Child victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation face particular challenges in being recognized and identified as victims of these heinous crimes. Globally 27 % of victims are children, and two out of every three child victims are girls.

For this reason, ChildX has chosen to focus on this topic during 2024. Under the theme: “The unidentified child victims – removing the barriers” we are now searching for the most effective methods to improve the identification framework for child victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation. This can include the development of more effective indicators, more child-friendly procedures, effective and systematic training of first responders, methods for in person or online outreach or other systems that have led to improving the identification of child victims or children at risk.

We are inviting you to nominate candidates for the ChildX Award 2024! The last day for nominations is October 15. All nominations will be reviewed by a selection committee.

Info about how to nominate can be found here.