ChildX och Protect Children strengthen efforts to protect children

ChildX and Protect Children have been collaborating since 2022, when Protect Children was one of the ten 2022 ChildX Awarded Member Organizations for their work to protect children from sexual exploitation online.

Protect Children is a non-governmental organisation based in Helsinki, Finland, working internationally with a dedicated team to end all forms of sexual violence against children. Protect Children adopts a holistic, research-based approach to prevent harm before it occurs, as well as providing support to victims and families affected by childhood sexual abuse and exploitation.

In 2024, ChildX and Protect Children have revived this collaboration with a strong focus on
strengthening the voice of victims and survivors of child sexual abuse and exploitation.
ChildX is helping us expand our global #OurVoice survey for survivors of sexual
violence in childhood. This survey, supported by the Justice Initiative, is directed at
individuals over the age of 18 who have been subjected to sexual violence in childhood.

The joint efforts of Protect Children and ChildX also aim to address legal gaps in Europe
regarding the sexual exploitation and abuse of children online. Working together, we aim to
not only combat the immediate threats posed by child trafficking and exploitation, but also
address the root causes of this type of sexual violence against children.

Let us continue to work hard to prevent and combat sexual violence against children and achieve our common goal of protecting children together!